Luxury house Anouk, located in the vicinity of the village of Pitve combines ancient beauty of the surrounding island of Hvar and the advantages of modern technology joined to provide you with the holiday you could only dream of. Our exclusive offer will undoubtedly please even the most demanding and untouched nature will bring happiness to all who want a complete, relaxing revitalizing rest.

Feel the magic of old Hvar, enriched with the advantages of the modern world.

Luxury house Anouk provides everything that is necessary for a complete holiday, away from daily worries. Its advantageous location in the vicinity of the village of Pitve enables you to acquaint yourself with the indigenous culture and tourist attractions of the Island of Hvar whenever it pleases you.

We offer:

  • 4 separate bedrooms with private bathrooms
  • Jacuzzi tub
  • Sauna
  • Fireplace
  • Fitness center
  • Swimming pool
  • Mini wine cellar offering high-quality Hvar wines
  • Wifi
  • Cable TV

  • Sea and the beach: 1000 m
  • Bus stop: 1500 m
  • Town center: 2000 m
  • Restaurant: 100 m
  • Grocery store: 1000 m
  • Post office: 1000 m
  • Cash machine: 1000 m
  • Doctor: 1000 m
  • Pharmacy: 1000 m
  • Sports facilities: 3000 m

  • Home made wine
  • Home made food
  • Home made rakija (spirits)

  • Accommodation is available from 12 am on the day of arrival and until 9 am on the day of departure
  • Provide the host with your identification documents straight upon arrival
  • The guests are personally responsible for items left behind in the houses.
  • Destruction of propery is forbiden. In case of damage incurred by the guest, the guest will be obliged to pay the sum equivalent to damages incurred.
  • In case of breaking the House Rules the host keeps the right to cancel further stay in the house.

Some facts on the house name

Anouk is a compact, enduring sort of lavender fit to grow in dry conditions. As its namesake, the house Anouk was built as a result of love towards the Island of Hvar functioning as its adornment. We hope both will bring you happiness with their beauty.




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