PitveThe village of Pitve is situated at the very entrance to the Vratnik pass, 3 km from Jelsa. Consisting of the Upper (old) and the Lower (new) part founded in different historical periods, the village of Pitve, due to this specific location its hundred-year old architecture of a typical Dalmatian village has been preserved. Pitve will enchant any visitor with its tightly connected stone houses, narrow tiled streets and small piazzettas where history is to be found behind every single wooden window shade, while impeccable harmony of human creativity and nature lurks out of every scene. On the hillside between the two Pitve village parts, there is a parish church of St. Jacob built in 1877, offering an outstanding panorama, should you take a walk to the Upper Pitve, you will enjoy a majestic view: Veliko Polje, Jelsa, the Island of Brač, the Hvar canal, the seaside of Makarska. In Pitve, at the height of summer you can enjoy fresh air and very pleasant nights, providing this village with an additional unsurpassed charm is the clean, untouched nature with which the village has united in harmony. From Pitve, at the pass of Vratnik, an old road leads to Zavala by a serpentine road taking you across the St. Anton hill (550m) as well as a tunnel 1400 m long heading out to the southern side of the Island of Hvar and leading to Zavala, Ivan Dolac and Sveta Nedelja.

throuh-the-pitve-tunnelThe town of Hvar is some 20 minutes away by car, while Jelsa is only 5 minutes away. The village of Pitve is connected to the southern side of the island via the old tunnel Pitve-Zavala, until recently the only link with the villages on the southern part of the Island (Zavala, Ivan Dolac, Jagodna, Sveta Nedelja) and Jelsa. The tunnel is 1400 meters long, not paved in asphalt, unlit, wide enough only for one-way traffic only, which is thus directed using traffic lights system at both entrances.

Due to the uniqueness of this small village our houses are situated in Pitve where you can enjoy complete privacy with a marvelous view of the sea and the neighboring village and its hundred-year old architecture. The houses are luxuriously equipped, but our most prominent advantage is a high-class service for you to enjoy on your holiday. Owing to our long-time experience in luxury tourism, you can feel at ease to let your holidays rest safe in our hands so you can experience it to the fullest.